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Sarah babywearing her first born, Emma. Image courtesy of Moby Wrap, Inc.

Hawaii born and raised, Sarah Harding Traverso is a nationally certified Pilates instructor, parent educator, and health & wellness consultant. She is also a Stanford alumna, two-time winner of Ms. Fitness USA, and original cast member & retired professional acrobat for Cirque du Soleil. Sarah offers her professional health services through Sarah Harding Fitness, Inc. In addition, she is a Mom of four (including identical twins) and continues her healthy lifestyle by posting educational videos and articles on Asobi Sport™ Family Fitness’s YouTube Channel, Personal Blog, and Facebook Page.

After realizing that many parents were interested in exercising without sacrificing precious time with their kids, Sarah created Asobi Sport™ Family Fitness to share her baby bonding fitness program with parents across the country. In addition to exercise, Sarah demonstrates the “tricks of the trade” Babywearing & Breastfeeding techniques on her YouTube channel. Baby carriers have enabled her to nurse on the go and even continue exercising with her children in tow (without interrupting feeding times.) Her Babywearing playlist demonstrates how to wrap, how to nurse in the wrap, and how to exercise while nursing in the wrap (if you choose!) She enjoys helping Moms exploring creative ways to exercise effectively while nurturing their children.

In addition to inspiring parents to increase their postural awareness while babywearing, Sarah’s fitness program is a hit with the kids as well! Once children outgrow their infant carriers, they can do the exercises right along side their parents. Asobi Sport™ Family Fitness is so well loved by kids, Sarah now offers a preschool movement curriculum. Read her blog to understand the vital importance of taking care of yourself so that you can raise a healthier family!