Want to find a way to exercise into your daily routine of parenting, earn income AND spend precious time with your little one(s)? Here’s your chance!

Please read the following Course Overview and Expectations before proceeding. If you are ready to enroll in the online certification program, you may click on the Course Registration. By registering now, you will pay a deposit of $200 to receive a password and all online course material. You also agree to study the modules on your own and watch the Asobi Sport™ videos online. Allow yourself 3-6 months to digest the material, teach the student teaching classes in your local area, and take the final written exam. There are chapter quizzes to help prepare you for the exam. The remainder of your payment ($295) is due in either a check form or a credit card/debit card payment on the day of your exam through Paypal or 6 months from the registration date (whichever comes first). A grade of 80% or better is required to pass the class and receive your certificate of completion. All local SF Bay Area residents would need to schedule an appointment with founder, Sarah Harding to review course material before taking the exam. Any non SF Bay Area local would be required to have at least 2 skype/video sessions with founder, Sarah Harding to review course material before taking the exam. If you have any questions, you may e-mail: info@asobisport.com or call: (970) GO-ASOBI [(970) 462-7624].

Course Overview & Expectations

Course License and Release Agreement

Course Registration Please sign up for the Asobi Sport™ Teacher Certification Course by clicking on “sign up now” for any Saturday you see it listed. You will not be required to attend that Saturday as there is no formal in classroom study set up. Time with founder, Sarah Harding is arranged by appointment only. Once you fill in your profile and credit card information, you will be granted the password to access the Course Material Online. Thank you and enjoy exercising with your child(ren)!